Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a permit?

Most likely YES. Every city is different and has different views on items being constructed. The rule of thumb is if it is structural, overhead or a hurricane can move it, it needs a permit.

2. Do you do Free estimates.

Yes, estimates are free.

3.  Do you do design work?

Yes, I can help design your space and provide drawings typically good enough for permitting. Design work is not free, but for small projects fees collected will be credited when work is contracted.

4. Do I need an Architect?

Yes, for any new construction requiring a permit, an Architect or Engineer is required.

5. Are you and Architect?

No, I went to the University of Florida for Architecture, but I am not an Architect.

6. Are you Licensed?

Yes, Licensed by the State of Florida as a General Contractor CGC1507369. A drivers license or an occupational license DON'T count. Make sure you hire a state licensed contractor!

7. Are you insured?

Yes, I carry Construction General Liability Insurance for $1M+. Again, automobile or life insurance DON'T count! Hire a state licensed contractor!

8. Can you help with my Home Owners Association.

Yes, we will assist in completing your HOA application process and requirements.

9. How long will it take?

Depends if you are helping. We always finish on time or early. However, problems, changes, and weather are to be expected and cause delays.  Once we start your project, we finish it as timely as possible. We will never stop working on your job to start another and leave your project unattended.

10. Do you offer Financing?

No, I am a contractor not a bank.

11. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. Credit card convenience fees do apply.  They charge me 2.7%  and I must charge you for that CC fee.

12. Do you have Cash or Military Discount?

Usually our price is the best we can do, but it never hurts to ask. We try to be very competitive with our pricing. We are not usually the cheapest, but if cheap is what you want you dont want us.  We do Make mistakes and if you get a price lower than ours for equal work we will meet or beat it. Usually I have anticipated a problem or included something others have missed or plan to gouge you with a change order.

13. What are your payment terms?

Depends on the Project, cost and duration. If you're wondering if a deposit is required the answer is typically yes.

14. Will you do a small job.

Yes, no job is too small.  There may be a minimum charge and sometimes it is cost effective to do more than less. For example a 10x10 paver patio is going to cost the same as a 16x16 so you might as well get more patio.

15. Why do outdoor kitchens cost so much?

They dont! The average Outdoor kitchen cost less than $2000. It is the Grill and components of the Outdoor Kitchen that can cost so much. But, that is where we can help save you money and get you an Outdoor Kitchen on almost any budget.

16. What Grill should I buy for my Outdoor Kitchen.

We will never tell you what to buy. We will make recommendations and certainly give you our opinion based on experience. You are the cook and it is your wallet. We are just installing your grill.

17. When can I seal my pavers or deck?

We will give you a deck and paver care guide when we are done. Typically when the materials are dry and there is no chance of trapping water under the sealer causing a hazy finish to the sealer.

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